General guide for international submission.

  1. Process

(1) Print out submission form and send us with your cards for grading. All grading process is done in Dallas, US office. If you prefer, you can use online submission page. Please put cards in Card Saver / Top loader / magnetic holder in a group with bubble wrap.

If you have any uncertain things to fill out the submission form, leave it blank. We will contact you before the payment.

We highly recommend EMS and FedEx which are quite reliable carriers.

(2) When we receive your package, we will charge grading fee with your credit card.

(3) That’s it!

Your cards will be get graded and shipped out via USPS Global Express (same with EMS). You will receive the return package within one week on average.

Should you have any question, please contact Dongwoon Lee, BGS grading international sales manager; Dongwoon has collected trading cards for twelve years and is in charge of international submission in Beckett Media for several years.

*Note: Please do not send email with your HOTMAIL account. In case you do not receive any response within 24 hours, please contact him again with your Gmail account.

  1. Fee

The fee depends on the number of cards you submit as follows.

The number of cards 1 to 12 cards 13-30 cards 31-99 cards
2 days $30 $26 $23
5 days $25 $22 $19
10 days $15 $14 $12
20 days $12 $11 $10
45 days $11 $10 $9

For example, if you submit 10 cards with 10-Day option, grading fee will be $15 per card.

Additionally, +$2 per autograph card and return shipping fee will be applied.

The number of cards Return shipping fee
1-20 $60
21-40 $75
41-60 $95
61-80 $115
81-100 $135
Per 100 $170

Insurance amount is an issue for international submission. The one thing we can say is higher insurance amount does not mean much safer method. All USPS packages will be treated precisely regardless of insurance amount. Each country has its own regulation for imported goods and it means higher percentage to be charged for import tax. We mark Returned Goods along with an official letter that cards have not been purchased.

Simply, you can choose the declared value on the package by yourself since single trading cards do not have any fixed value unlike TV, iPhone.) On the submission form, you need to fill out the “return insurance; $1.25 per $100”. The amount is up to you and you can choose the insurance amount at the lower part of the submission form “7. Return insurance (see Table) “If you write down $0 at 7. Return insurance line, then your package will be marked as “Declared value: $0 and $1.25 for $100 declared value.”

  1. More services

We accepted mixed orders. You can submit 10-Day order with your 45-Day order in one submission package. Also, normal BGS submission, recase, Cross over can be submitted in one order as well.

If your BGS graded card has been damaged/scratched, we can fix it for you.


For Cross over, you can set Minimum Grade option. Please attach a note “MG 8.5”. In this case, if the final grade inspected by our specialist is under 8, the card will be returned to you in an original condition. This rule can be applied to Authentication Only service as well.

We can grade cards with proper license only and a few cards such as Skybox Autographics need to be submitted as BAS/BGS (Beckett Authentication Service) program. If you are not sure about possibility for grading, contact Dongwoon. In other case, send cards to us. If particular cards are not eligible for grading, we will return the cards along with other normal graded cards.

We provide grading service for Asian league cards with proper license as well.


BBM Japanese league card, Teleca Korean league card

Asian Collectors: Volume 1

By Dongwoon Lee, Beckett

Many Asians of my generation would pick two MJ’s as their favorite American Icons. Michael Jackson of Billie Jean and Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. When someone would ask: “H8ow much do you know about American culture?” The answer was normally about MJ and MJ. I was a middle student 20 years ago, and there were about 5 sport card shops within a walking distance. I probably had more talks with card shop owner
s than I had with my parents. On weekends, my friends and I packed our bags with cards and went to tour card shops in another district and sometimes even other cities. Mostly, we wanted to get a chance at Grant Hill’s RC and then later, Kobe’s RC.   We were surprised at 1996 SPx basketball with only one card per pack! Accordingly, the Beckett Korean edition was published and we called the magazine an encyclopedia. We were in collector’s heaven in Korea.

Let’s take a look at Japan. People say Japan is a country of enthusiasts for animation, fashion, video games, and, yes, of course, baseball along with other popular sports such as soccer, sumo and so on. It is difficult to explain the Japanese fervor for baseball in a word, but one could venture to guess based on the amazing display of memorabilia at the Hall of Fame in Tokyo stadium.


Message from Ricky Henderson


Every fans love Game used memorabilia



How about in other Asian countries? In short, it seems that everybody loves Michael Jordan and the NBA. As evidenced when Yao Ming came to the NBA, China has an incredible passion for NBA trading cards that is the strongest of all the Asian countries.  Even with Yao now out of the game, interest in the NBA continues to grow.


Many NBA Players visit Asia every year.


Collecting trading cards in Asia

If you are in the U.S. or Canada and you sell your cards on eBay frequently, you may have shipped out to Asian or European countries. At least, even though you marked as ‘U.S. shipping only’ you would get an inquiry “Can you ship to Korea?” Since then, Asian collectors have started to use logistics agencies based in U.S. The agency provides addresses to each member after signing in and American sellers can ship to the agency’s address in the U.S. The agency gathers cards and all items, which are cheaper than in Asian countries, such as nutritional supplements and sometimes even televisions! Nowadays, we can receive items from U.S. with very low shipping fee due to service of the logistics agency. Have you shipped to a cryptic address such as ‘LA#71385628’? That might be an address of the agency.

Asians usually rely on eBay for trading and selling. There are numerous famous Asian sellers on eBay. They indicate that Americans win approximately 50% of the time, so the cards return to the U.S. where they were born.  Therefore, the flow of trading cards is going both ways.



Keep your legacy safely!

In these days, some collectors keep their passion as pure collectors, meanwhile some other ones love to invest in a particular player or set. Trading cards may be termed bearer securities. The circle of collectors in each country is quite small and all dealers/collectors are concerned about their reputation. Ways to buy/sell/trade have been always issues and collectors were united to find and ban swindlers. However, this does not mean it is 100% safe for online dealings. A variation on scams may exist in every hobbies and that is reason why collectors pay over 10% of sold price as an eBay fee.


Japanese BBM cards

Grading has become very popular in Asia and Europe, as well. We, Beckett, receive thousands cards outside of North America monthly. Koreans have an on-going inside joke about submitting cards for grading to be similar to investing in studying abroad. If the card gets BGS 10 Pristine, then they say “Summa Cum Laude!” A BGS 9.5 is normally called “Scholarship” while a BGS 6 or 7 would be “Flunked Out.”  “Hey, Bowman Gold, you were born in America, moved here, and then you went study overseas to the country where you were born, so why were you expelled from school?” In all honesty though, the opportunity to double or triple the value of and to protect submitted cards is worth the studying abroad investment when the cards do make it back safely.


Collecting cards should be an exciting hobby from opening a pack and pulling something you only dreamed of getting to understanding the value and protecting the asset for the long-term. We would like to help all international collectors to enjoy the hobby. We are here to help you along the way, so please reach out and let us know how we can help.  Our goal is to be Global Ambassadors to collecting, no matter where you are from.  Thank you for reading and we look forward to serving you.  Have fun and keep collecting.

BGS Grading international submission guide 2015

(1) print the attachment and fill out with your credit card number.
(2) Send cards with the printed document to US office (I recommend EMS)
(3) After grading process, the card will be returned to you via USPS Global express or FeDex(if you want)
Please refer to the below for the details and contact me at anytime!
For example, for 50 cards;
Grading fee: $10 per card = $500
Return shipping: $95 for USPS Global express
(+$1 per any autograph)
Then, the total will be around $600 for 50 cards
Sometimes my email account does not work well with some particular email accounts so in case you can not receive any response from me WITHIN 24 HOURS, please contact me again with my Gmail account:
Firstly, yes we have lots of international customers. The return shipping method we use is USPS Global Express and it is quite reliable.
How to send cards to us safely; EMS would be the best method for you. Please put cards in Card Saver / Top loader / magnetic holder in a group with bubble wrap.
For the process, we have online/offline form. Personally, I recommend you printing PDF file instead of putting info to online submission form. In this case, just print out the attached file here and send them to Dallas office with your cards. Then, we will charge with your credit card number written on the form.
A. Print out the form and fill out with your credit card information and signatures.
B. Make a package safely with your cards for grading and attach printed submission form.
C. Wait a few days… and we will give you a tracking number when the grading is completed and shipped out.
Simply, you can choose the declared value on the package. (Because single trading cards do not have any fixed value unlike TV, iPhone..) On the submission form, you need to fill out the “return insurance; $1.25 per $100”. The amount is up to you and you can choose the insurance amount at the lower part of the submission form “7. Return insurance (see Table)” If you write down $0 at 7. Return insurance line, then your package will be marked as “Declared value: $0”
For more questions, feel free to reach me and please refer to the promotion for international customers below:
Basically, we provide the fee below for any international customers.
The rate could be adjusted upon your request and the number of cards you submit.
(1) 10~25 cards / $11 per card / $2 per auto
(2) 26~40 cards / $10 per card / $2 per auto
(3) 41~100 cards / $10 per card / $1 per auto