BGS mail day! May, 2016

Most international customers use aggregation program or submit cards with his(her?) friends’ cards to save shipping fees. Return shipping fee starts from $60 and we, collectors, are always consider the fee seriously. I bet many of you click view seller’s other items to find some more cards to receive together, before paying one card you won in an auction. I hope we provide a better way / reduced shipping cost for you in the future. I am a collector as well and I am serious on even $2.60 shipping fee too.


The biggest card of the day: Well, it is time to open the return package with double-imported cards (US to Asia in a raw condition and had been to US again for Grading).

Luckily, Ken Griffey Jr.’s OVERSIZED UD MASTERPIECE welcomes the opening. We know UD Masterpiece’s value and scarcity with sophisticated design and this is the first time to see actual card of oversized version. The card is framed just like a fine art picture and will make a room sophisticated. Upper Deck made a white-colored space for autograph (above his name at the bottom), but Junior signed above the blurred circle and Junior’s decision was right; He was able to make a larger autograph and I think the card’s autograph is one of the largest one among all of his autograph cards.


One splendid oversized card came here as well. (Sorry for the unclear image. A point is that we would refrain from taking pictures by using a strobe which may cause a negative effect on autograph.) Anyhow, this card has a nice cut of Karl-Anthony Towns’ name from his memorable jersey.

IMG_7986 1


Nice illustration for my room!                 Leave it to me!

Time to have a global view. Japanese women and men of all age would love Shohei Ohtani. For Shinnosuke Abe, I have not watched his game so far, but I have his poster hanged on the wall.


Members of WBC had a chance to be shown at 2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Prospects set. Now, Dae Ho Lee plays for Seattle Mariners and we are ready to pull out his cards from 2016 Topps MLB product.


Koreans also, definitely, absolutely look forward for a release of Topps RC autograph of Byung-Ho Park, Seattle Mariners and Hyun Soo Kim (Baltimore Orioles). Left one is 1 of 1 pure gold coin card and Park signed on a back of the card.


The number of grading submission for Hyun-Jin Ryu cards have been decreased since 2015. Why? Most customers who want get Ryu’s cards graded already submitted in 2013-2014. In 2014, approximately 20% of Koreans’ submission were Ryu’s cards.


Time to board on a flight to Europe, a hometown of Soccer. (Sorry Oscar) I love the classical font of serial number (091/150) on Wayne Rooney’s card. No doubt, all of these cards are the Gold medalist of last month’s BGS Olympic.


1995 Bowman has returned to us! This is fabulous design coordinated by rainbow reflector effect. I tried to find the best angle to show its beauty, but do not think the picture shows it exactly.


I can not even imagine that how many Kris Bryant cards visited Asia. Considering the grading process, some Kris Bryant autograph cards have more than 20,000 Delta Skymile, possibly some other cards’ mileage are in Japan Airlines or Asiana Airlines accounts.


10-10 / 10-10 / 10-10 / 10-10 / 10 / 10


Shareef Abdul-Rahim’s Playmakers Theatre makes a nice combination with 2010’s cards. The card’s background looks like Middle Age theatre (not a treater) with a golden touch. Take heed of some non-serial numbered / non-embossed cards for this set.


Cool ball is in the card because…


1 of 1 should be deserved.


Collectors love graded entertainment cards as well. One of the beautiful picture on the card I have ever seen. Gentlemen, let us start your engine to collect movie cards!


Chic combination for Star Wars cards!


A rainbow hung on the table, instead of the sky. I bet the collector will buy (or already bought) red and blue version cards already.

Grading offers us an opportunity for being inspected by specialists and I believe that grading submission is likely to be compared with the joy of box breaking. We spend ten minutes to see a result of box breaking, but we need to lots of days to see a grading result with great anticipation for Pristine, 9.5 and possibly authentic. Hope more international customers enjoy the grading-breaking!

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