BGS mail day #2! May, 2016

Good morning, Good afternoon, and good evening everyone.

Hope you had a pristine day, today.


We know BBM cards’ high quality, but it is still very difficult to meet Black Pristine.

Shohei’s Calbee card ended up on top. Nicely harmonized with background color of the card. I have not seen any authentic autograph of the guy yet. Does anyone have it?


I live Chinese letter autograph. It looks more classical to me than English letter.


Our new Japanese sales manager, Takashi, is on the way and contact him at any time!

If you have not received any response from him, please contact him again with your Gmail account.



I am still happy to watch a live broadcast of LeBron’s games. Nobody can watch the live after ten years.


Here are Notable Nicknames which is one of my favorite insert of Panini’s. Some players have missed to inscribe their nickname on the set. However, we can see Mr. Triple Double and BLK Mamba very clearly here.


These are pieces of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Shape of LeBron’s autograph changes a lot. Sometimes it looks like “23” instead of LBJ. According to one interview with LeBron, he knew that and the signature means “LBJ”, he said.

Shareef’s Credentials seems like a jewel, a Jewel produced only 67 pieces.

Chirography is a great naming for this set. And Jeter has finalized its value with a clear signature. Few players hit better than Jeter and few guys in the world have better handwriting than Jeter as well.



Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the Few Guys above. Griffey’s devotion for fine autograph would be same level of his passion for baseball.

Topps Museum’s frame sets shows the most beautiful combination of a paper and metal. Which metal Topps applied for the set? Sorry, I do not have any information and possibly aluminum. We need a materials specialist’s advise.


Each loundry tag card have an authenticator’s hologram. When you put the serial number of Left one, FJ 715916, by MLB authentication program at it will show detailed information of the tag, and jersey used game date; Session Name: OAK AT LAA, Session Date: September 24, 2011.


I would compare Bryce Harper as Stephen Curry in MLB and Mike Trout as LeBron James in MLB. One clear thing for me is that Bryce has the best handwriting among the four players.

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