BGS Grading international submission guide 2015

(1) print the attachment and fill out with your credit card number.
(2) Send cards with the printed document to US office (I recommend EMS)
(3) After grading process, the card will be returned to you via USPS Global express or FeDex(if you want)
Please refer to the below for the details and contact me at anytime!
For example, for 50 cards;
Grading fee: $10 per card = $500
Return shipping: $95 for USPS Global express
(+$1 per any autograph)
Then, the total will be around $600 for 50 cards
Sometimes my email account does not work well with some particular email accounts so in case you can not receive any response from me WITHIN 24 HOURS, please contact me again with my Gmail account:
Firstly, yes we have lots of international customers. The return shipping method we use is USPS Global Express and it is quite reliable.
How to send cards to us safely; EMS would be the best method for you. Please put cards in Card Saver / Top loader / magnetic holder in a group with bubble wrap.
For the process, we have online/offline form. Personally, I recommend you printing PDF file instead of putting info to online submission form. In this case, just print out the attached file here and send them to Dallas office with your cards. Then, we will charge with your credit card number written on the form.
A. Print out the form and fill out with your credit card information and signatures.
B. Make a package safely with your cards for grading and attach printed submission form.
C. Wait a few days… and we will give you a tracking number when the grading is completed and shipped out.
Simply, you can choose the declared value on the package. (Because single trading cards do not have any fixed value unlike TV, iPhone..) On the submission form, you need to fill out the “return insurance; $1.25 per $100”. The amount is up to you and you can choose the insurance amount at the lower part of the submission form “7. Return insurance (see Table)” If you write down $0 at 7. Return insurance line, then your package will be marked as “Declared value: $0”
For more questions, feel free to reach me and please refer to the promotion for international customers below:
Basically, we provide the fee below for any international customers.
The rate could be adjusted upon your request and the number of cards you submit.
(1) 10~25 cards / $11 per card / $2 per auto
(2) 26~40 cards / $10 per card / $2 per auto
(3) 41~100 cards / $10 per card / $1 per auto


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