FAQ: BGS Grading

Q: Submission

A: Please download English/Chinese/Japanese sub. form at the right corner of this blog.

Send cards to Beckett Office, USA directly with printed submission form. Do not need to send cards to me 🙂

By using submission form in this blog or writing “ATT. Dongwoon Lee” at the top of the printed submission form,

you will be informed if there are any issues with your order and I can connect with Beckett head office and resolve it promptly)


Q: Risks of International Order (Shipping, Insurance, Import tax)

A: Nearly same (or much safer) with the situation – buying cards from eBay or COMC – Beckett Media uses USPS, a reliable carrier.

If we use DHL or FeDex, return fee will be higher.

International Return shipping fee is not that cheap, but USPS ensures delivery time and safety.

Each countries have different regulation for import products;

Australia: When Declared Value is over $1,000

Korea: When Declared Value is over $150

Hong Kong: No Limit

When you check Declared Value in a submission form, please check your country’s tax-free limit.

Basically, each single sports cards are came from packs, boxes, cases… it does not have a fixed price and calculating declared value is up to you.

Many international customers choose $100 or $0 as Declared Value because there are few lost/stolen items for USPS service.

Q: International (Return) Shipping Fee



USPS Express Mail normally takes five days to get back to you.

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