PC – Dennis Rodman

(Asians do not say a word PC a lot, however it means Personal Collection in every forums.)


I selected Dennis Rodman’s autographs for my first PC listing.

Basically, I am a collector of sports cards and autographs – both certified and in-person ones.

So I am interested in the actual autographs showed on the cards – figures, sizes, pen colors and… how fancy it is.

Considering this, I am sure Rodman’s autographs are very amusing in this world cuz they change by themselves – every day, every card, every feeling he felt.

Look out other autos below that I got recently.

rd4 copy

This one will be the best rodman auto forever with a bunch of inscriptions…

rd3 copy

While this one shows a strong appearance of STICKER-AUTO.

What a movement of a pen… Only an extraterrestrial guy can imitate this signature – “d——-  ————–“.

Rodman might take 0.2 sec. to make a normal sticker to an auto sticker.


Good for its price (Usually $30~$50 in eBay)

Nice inscription “Bad Boys” than means cooperation with Bill Laimbeer, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars…

Nice Hair color. Creepy background color (but all cards in the series have same color)

rd6 2

The photo has not been authenticated by PSA/DNA it s totally certified by PSA/DNA .

COA of the photo says “Rodman signed in the presence of PSA/DNA representatives”

A hugh difference between “certified” and “in the presence – guaranteed”

Even Dennis can not say “it is a genuine autograph” when he see some memorabilia of himself, if someone had every intention to make fakes.

However, my puppy named Sir Tommy W. Rooney does not really love the auto even though it has a remarkable inscription…


I like Rodman, but he s not my favorite player…

And these autos will be enough for me – variation, inscription, type of cards…

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