BGS mail day #2! May, 2016

Good morning, Good afternoon, and good evening everyone.

Hope you had a pristine day, today.


We know BBM cards’ high quality, but it is still very difficult to meet Black Pristine.

Shohei’s Calbee card ended up on top. Nicely harmonized with background color of the card. I have not seen any authentic autograph of the guy yet. Does anyone have it?


I live Chinese letter autograph. It looks more classical to me than English letter.


Our new Japanese sales manager, Takashi, is on the way and contact him at any time!

If you have not received any response from him, please contact him again with your Gmail account.



I am still happy to watch a live broadcast of LeBron’s games. Nobody can watch the live after ten years.


Here are Notable Nicknames which is one of my favorite insert of Panini’s. Some players have missed to inscribe their nickname on the set. However, we can see Mr. Triple Double and BLK Mamba very clearly here.


These are pieces of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Shape of LeBron’s autograph changes a lot. Sometimes it looks like “23” instead of LBJ. According to one interview with LeBron, he knew that and the signature means “LBJ”, he said.

Shareef’s Credentials seems like a jewel, a Jewel produced only 67 pieces.

Chirography is a great naming for this set. And Jeter has finalized its value with a clear signature. Few players hit better than Jeter and few guys in the world have better handwriting than Jeter as well.



Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the Few Guys above. Griffey’s devotion for fine autograph would be same level of his passion for baseball.

Topps Museum’s frame sets shows the most beautiful combination of a paper and metal. Which metal Topps applied for the set? Sorry, I do not have any information and possibly aluminum. We need a materials specialist’s advise.


Each loundry tag card have an authenticator’s hologram. When you put the serial number of Left one, FJ 715916, by MLB authentication program at it will show detailed information of the tag, and jersey used game date; Session Name: OAK AT LAA, Session Date: September 24, 2011.


I would compare Bryce Harper as Stephen Curry in MLB and Mike Trout as LeBron James in MLB. One clear thing for me is that Bryce has the best handwriting among the four players.

BGS mail day! May, 2016

Most international customers use aggregation program or submit cards with his(her?) friends’ cards to save shipping fees. Return shipping fee starts from $60 and we, collectors, are always consider the fee seriously. I bet many of you click view seller’s other items to find some more cards to receive together, before paying one card you won in an auction. I hope we provide a better way / reduced shipping cost for you in the future. I am a collector as well and I am serious on even $2.60 shipping fee too.


The biggest card of the day: Well, it is time to open the return package with double-imported cards (US to Asia in a raw condition and had been to US again for Grading).

Luckily, Ken Griffey Jr.’s OVERSIZED UD MASTERPIECE welcomes the opening. We know UD Masterpiece’s value and scarcity with sophisticated design and this is the first time to see actual card of oversized version. The card is framed just like a fine art picture and will make a room sophisticated. Upper Deck made a white-colored space for autograph (above his name at the bottom), but Junior signed above the blurred circle and Junior’s decision was right; He was able to make a larger autograph and I think the card’s autograph is one of the largest one among all of his autograph cards.


One splendid oversized card came here as well. (Sorry for the unclear image. A point is that we would refrain from taking pictures by using a strobe which may cause a negative effect on autograph.) Anyhow, this card has a nice cut of Karl-Anthony Towns’ name from his memorable jersey.

IMG_7986 1


Nice illustration for my room!                 Leave it to me!

Time to have a global view. Japanese women and men of all age would love Shohei Ohtani. For Shinnosuke Abe, I have not watched his game so far, but I have his poster hanged on the wall.


Members of WBC had a chance to be shown at 2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Prospects set. Now, Dae Ho Lee plays for Seattle Mariners and we are ready to pull out his cards from 2016 Topps MLB product.


Koreans also, definitely, absolutely look forward for a release of Topps RC autograph of Byung-Ho Park, Seattle Mariners and Hyun Soo Kim (Baltimore Orioles). Left one is 1 of 1 pure gold coin card and Park signed on a back of the card.


The number of grading submission for Hyun-Jin Ryu cards have been decreased since 2015. Why? Most customers who want get Ryu’s cards graded already submitted in 2013-2014. In 2014, approximately 20% of Koreans’ submission were Ryu’s cards.


Time to board on a flight to Europe, a hometown of Soccer. (Sorry Oscar) I love the classical font of serial number (091/150) on Wayne Rooney’s card. No doubt, all of these cards are the Gold medalist of last month’s BGS Olympic.


1995 Bowman has returned to us! This is fabulous design coordinated by rainbow reflector effect. I tried to find the best angle to show its beauty, but do not think the picture shows it exactly.


I can not even imagine that how many Kris Bryant cards visited Asia. Considering the grading process, some Kris Bryant autograph cards have more than 20,000 Delta Skymile, possibly some other cards’ mileage are in Japan Airlines or Asiana Airlines accounts.


10-10 / 10-10 / 10-10 / 10-10 / 10 / 10


Shareef Abdul-Rahim’s Playmakers Theatre makes a nice combination with 2010’s cards. The card’s background looks like Middle Age theatre (not a treater) with a golden touch. Take heed of some non-serial numbered / non-embossed cards for this set.


Cool ball is in the card because…


1 of 1 should be deserved.


Collectors love graded entertainment cards as well. One of the beautiful picture on the card I have ever seen. Gentlemen, let us start your engine to collect movie cards!


Chic combination for Star Wars cards!


A rainbow hung on the table, instead of the sky. I bet the collector will buy (or already bought) red and blue version cards already.

Grading offers us an opportunity for being inspected by specialists and I believe that grading submission is likely to be compared with the joy of box breaking. We spend ten minutes to see a result of box breaking, but we need to lots of days to see a grading result with great anticipation for Pristine, 9.5 and possibly authentic. Hope more international customers enjoy the grading-breaking!

European Soccer Stadiums Road Trip Vol. 1

I fulfilled a dream that many soccer fans around the world have.  For even if you do not support the team, you know and respect the history of the club and the place they play.

Yes, it is Barça, the Futbol Club Barcelona and my visit to Camp Nou, the stadium of F.C. Barcelona (hereinafter referred to as FCB).

One remarkable thing about FCB is that the team is owned by fans of Barcelona and select the leadership through election. Nobody can purchase stock in FCB, as one can with Manchester United on the New York Stock Exchange, but someone can support the club by belonging to the sporting club through paid membership.  The club has become one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, which has come through its historical significance to the people of the region, on the field performance, super star player signings, and global branding.  These have led to a passionate global fan base hungry for licensed products and sponsors wanting to reach those fans. This is much the same for collectors, who want autographed cards of Messi.

Unfortunately, there were no matches being played when I visited, but I was fortunate enough to get a stadium tour.  To be honest with you, my favorite La Liga team is actually Atletico Madrid, but my respect for FCB drove me to visit.  It was fairly easy once in Barcelona thanks to their convenient public transport system and the stadium being located in the downtown area. I went there during low season, so there were no lines to get in, but in high season, reservations will save time and make it easy for you. You can buy tour tickets on the website ( and some hotels also sell them.

The tour includes visit for FCB Museum, the Messi Space (unfortunately it was not opened, when I had the tour), pressroom, dressing room, broadcast booth and other places, however the highlight is obviously the playing field (or pitch).



“Més que un club” means “More than a club” in Catalan which is a co-official language in a few states in Spain. The moto delivers the message of FCB clearly and accurately.  FCB has withstood extreme political pressure through the years and mean something deeper than “just” sports to the Catalan people.





Global sponsorship partners like Qatar Airways fill the financial coffers of FCB.







The players and coaches even sit in BUSINESS CLASS on the bench.  No reclining or sleeping possible.



Inside of their specially built chapel, only FCB players can pray here.



I felt when I saw this painting was just “Nice and fancy” and I stayed only a couple of seconds passing by the illustration to take a photo. However, in addition to being a sports cards and memorabilia fanatic, I also have a limited knowledge of fine art. Therefore, I did a double take and stopped to realize that the drawing is a Juan Miró lithograph produced in honor of FCB.




Dunk for the championship.  Kobe Bryant is a huge fan of FCB, so maybe he inspired this one.  Although, the cup appears to be older than he is.



Now it is a time to get back to our major interest, seeing game/match used items and autographs.



Andres Iniesta’s autographed game used shoes. It was lucky that all items are not for sale. If any game used item was for sale, I might had called  my credit card company to check monthly installment plan for overseas settlement.



Basketball team FC Barcelona Lassa is a department of FCB as well and here we can see Scottie Pippen’s custom autographed Barcelona Lassa jersey. We all know Pippen had a gold medal in 1992 Barcelona Olympics as a member of Dream Team. Next to it is Pau Gasol’s game used autograph Lakers jersey.




As you leave the stadium tour and they say See you soon.


However, on my way home to South Korea, I had one more chance to be in a historic place of soccer memorabilia when I stopped over on Rome.


There is a small place in the Vatican Museum, that was one of the most fascinating places for me. Jerseys, photos, soccer balls and other items from around the world given to Pope Francis with signatures on them are nicely displayed.





This one is a gift from Diego Maradona with inscription to the Pope. It is written in Spanish: To Francis with all my love and great peace to the world.


Can you find Lionel Messi’s autograph on the jersey? See the magazine named AFA revista at the right side which a title in Spanish: Argentina soccer team always prays for you, Francis.



Are you familiar with fluent writing on yellow jersey on the right side? If you had purchased Topps and Panini’s recent soccer products, then you may have Pele’s autograph, which has same writing with the inscription here. Pele’s personal collection of memorabilia including from his four World Cup championships are included in an upcoming auction: Auction for Pele’s memorabilia



For me, it always comes back to the importance and significance of trading cards and memorabilia. What would be the most significant soccer card in your budget? I would have to pick one of these above.  I’m thrilled and excited that the soccer card trading card content and quality is now on the same level as other sports.  Panini and Topps are doing a great job and we don’t have to wait for World Cup years anymore to get high-end cards.


messi copy

At this stage, I would like to introduce one company, Icons, based in Europe. Icons’ products are similar with Steiner, but one different thing is that Icons is focused on Soccer memorabilia with flawless reliability! You can see Signing Videos at the homepage. You can buy Lionel Messi’s authentic autographed photo from £149.99.


I hope that you get the opportunity to visit your favorite soccer locations around the world.  Please share your photos and stories with us.  We will post a follow-up and maybe include your memories here.

General guide for international submission.

  1. Process

(1) Print out submission form and send us with your cards for grading. All grading process is done in Dallas, US office. If you prefer, you can use online submission page. Please put cards in Card Saver / Top loader / magnetic holder in a group with bubble wrap.

If you have any uncertain things to fill out the submission form, leave it blank. We will contact you before the payment.

We highly recommend EMS and FedEx which are quite reliable carriers.

(2) When we receive your package, we will charge grading fee with your credit card.

(3) That’s it!

Your cards will be get graded and shipped out via USPS Global Express (same with EMS). You will receive the return package within one week on average.

Should you have any question, please contact Dongwoon Lee, BGS grading international sales manager; Dongwoon has collected trading cards for twelve years and is in charge of international submission in Beckett Media for several years.

*Note: Please do not send email with your HOTMAIL account. In case you do not receive any response within 24 hours, please contact him again with your Gmail account.

  1. Fee

The fee depends on the number of cards you submit as follows.

The number of cards 1 to 12 cards 13-30 cards 31-99 cards
2 days $30 $26 $23
5 days $25 $22 $19
10 days $15 $14 $12
20 days $12 $11 $10
45 days $11 $10 $9

For example, if you submit 10 cards with 10-Day option, grading fee will be $15 per card.

Additionally, +$2 per autograph card and return shipping fee will be applied.

The number of cards Return shipping fee
1-20 $60
21-40 $75
41-60 $95
61-80 $115
81-100 $135
Per 100 $170

Insurance amount is an issue for international submission. The one thing we can say is higher insurance amount does not mean much safer method. All USPS packages will be treated precisely regardless of insurance amount. Each country has its own regulation for imported goods and it means higher percentage to be charged for import tax. We mark Returned Goods along with an official letter that cards have not been purchased.

Simply, you can choose the declared value on the package by yourself since single trading cards do not have any fixed value unlike TV, iPhone.) On the submission form, you need to fill out the “return insurance; $1.25 per $100”. The amount is up to you and you can choose the insurance amount at the lower part of the submission form “7. Return insurance (see Table) “If you write down $0 at 7. Return insurance line, then your package will be marked as “Declared value: $0 and $1.25 for $100 declared value.”

  1. More services

We accepted mixed orders. You can submit 10-Day order with your 45-Day order in one submission package. Also, normal BGS submission, recase, Cross over can be submitted in one order as well.

If your BGS graded card has been damaged/scratched, we can fix it for you.


For Cross over, you can set Minimum Grade option. Please attach a note “MG 8.5”. In this case, if the final grade inspected by our specialist is under 8, the card will be returned to you in an original condition. This rule can be applied to Authentication Only service as well.

We can grade cards with proper license only and a few cards such as Skybox Autographics need to be submitted as BAS/BGS (Beckett Authentication Service) program. If you are not sure about possibility for grading, contact Dongwoon. In other case, send cards to us. If particular cards are not eligible for grading, we will return the cards along with other normal graded cards.

We provide grading service for Asian league cards with proper license as well.


BBM Japanese league card, Teleca Korean league card